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"A Vital Force"

Composed and Performed by Miyu Goto

When we realize our own inner strength, can we release it without turning away or hiding it?



The images that came to mind were expressed rhythmically and dynamically without concealment. Some scenes are formed from sudden melodies, while a mass of dotted energy forms others. Silent sections were created each moment, expressing the breath of sound through impact and silence.

Following the previous work "Reconstruction," this work also incorporates the voice of the Indonesian Kecak as a symbol of the flame of life and heart that continues to be lit without ceasing.







Composed and Performed by Miyu Goto

Deconstruct, reconstruct, and sublimate. In all things.

解体し、再構築し、昇華させる。 あらゆることにおいて。


A certain solitary and unique phrase suddenly appears.
It changes its form with time, thrilling and freely dynamic. The voice of Kecak Dance in Indonesia was always incorporated as a symbol of the phrase and the music, which never ceases to move forward with the flame of life at any given moment. ⁡


それは時間経過とともに姿を変え、スリリングに、そして自由に躍動していく。 そのフレーズと音楽とともにインドネシアのケチャの声が常に取り込まれ、どんな瞬間にも生命の炎を絶やすことなく前進する。

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