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Miyu Goto

​後藤 望友


作曲家・ピアニスト。「音楽は一点物のARTになり得るか」という問いのもと、自作品を"RAW ARTS"と称し、音楽をARTのフレーム内で再定義。聴者の直感/本能に訴える音楽作品を創作し、自ら表現している。


Composer and pianist. She calls her works "RAW ARTS" and redefines music within the art frame, based on the question, "Can music be a one-of-a-kind art? She creates musical works that appeal to the listener's intuition and instinct and expresses them herself.

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a major in composition,
and later graduated with a master's degree in composition from the same university.
Upon graduation, she received the Acanthus Music Award, given to the student with the best grades.
She received the Symphonic Band Prize from the Symphonic Band Union of Japan and the Jury Prize at the TIAA National Composers' Competition.
She won the first prize in the Senzoku Contemporary Music Composition Competition.


- Compositions and Performances -

・GUCCI Garden Party
・Cartier collection"Les Galaxies de Cartier"
・DAKS / LEONARD collection

 (Takashimaya Osaka)

  (Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Tokyo)
・GINZA SIX X’mas event
・Matsuya GINZA
・Tokyo Big Sight Music Instruments Fair


 "The 90th Anniversary of the Birth Ceremony"


In addition, she provides music for artists, commercial music, and publications, and supervises music.

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